Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

It’s hard not to ‘marvel’ at how finely crafted and meticulously planned the cinematic universe of the world’s favourite comic book purveyor has become.

Solo stories, name drops and post credit teasers have all helped to lay the foundations of this rich sci-fi galaxy. Marvel’s ‘Phase Two’ films expanded on this beloved universe – with Age of Ultron now catapulting things to the next level.


Avengers Assemble was the culmination of Phase One – an action packed thrill ride that took the bare bones films like Captain America and Iron Man had built, and pushed the envelope further.

It was explosive, fast paced and left audiences thirsty for more. It was, in many ways, a perfect action movie.

Age of Ultron, like its predecessor, is the launch pad for the next phase of Marvel movies and flies through at a blistering pace – building on, and for the most part improving, what we’ve seen before.

The humour is stepped up a notch, and the story happily plays with the dysfunction that exists within the group – all of which could be seen as ‘standard fair’ for the Marvel movie check-list. But that’s largely what this is about.

Marvel has set it’s stall out – this is a popcorn blockbuster, and it delivers on almost every level.

From the spectacular set pieces to the ‘moral’ undertones on display, Joss Whedon serves up everything fans of the first movie will want to see – with suitable ammunition lined up for Phase Three along the way.

What could have been a difficult second outing for ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ instead flies through it’s 141 minute running time – presenting that rare scenario where you may actually wish some scenes were given more time, more room to breath; especially as some of the quieter moments that were used feel a little stilted.

But what could have become overly bombastic after the intergalactic events of Avengers Assemble remains impressively contained; delivering a beautiful blend of thrills and spills as the Avengers match up against the formidable Ultron – so perfectly brought to life by James Spader.

Age of Ultron is a treat for fans of the Marvel cinematic universe; standing as a power house blockbuster in its own right, whilst further driving the over arcing story Marvel has teased in all of its movies.

2015 may be a year packed with blockbusters, but you’ll be hard pushed to have more fun at any movie during the next 12 months than you will with Age of Ultron.


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