Back In The Game Episode 16: …Finally!

Well that was an awful week, with software issues, audio problems and then a broken web feed it was almost as if something was trying to stop us from releasing this episode – and episode the contains information on the new Destiny Expansion, has Dalek in conversation with Bouncy and sees Rob try to work out whether retro games are real or not.

On the plus side you will get three episodes this week, this being the first. It’s our Phantom Menace. In that it almost didn’t exist. And it’s menacing. It doesn’t have discussions about trade route blockades or the word ‘Yippee!’ though, so maybe it’s our Batman Begins. But without Liam Neeson or a Scarecrow.

Oh sod it, it’s Episode 16 ‘…Finally!’

Listen now on Spreaker, find us on Stitcher or subscribe on iTunes


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