Supporting the Lolocaust

If you’re the kind of lovely folks who don’t mind giving the Lolocaust a little kick back every time you use the internet’s biggest online retailer, then you’ll be delighted to learn of our Affiliate link to <– That was it, right there. That link.

Go on.

Click it…

This isn’t an attempt to found some kind of new Ponzi scheme or make our millions; it all goes towards the Lolocaust’s running costs – from website hosting to podcasting equipment. As another famed retailer once said; ‘every little helps’ and everything that comes in quickly gets reinvested in the Lolocaust team’s various projects.

On a more personal note; you can also sign up to Loot Crate via our Sharing Link. So, like Bouncy and I, you too can look forward to a box of goodies arriving at your door every month!

The links will both be permanently available from the site menu as well.


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