Back In The Game Episode 17: I’m The Happy-Farkin’-Eater

Hot off the back of our Marvel Special; Back In The Game’s weekly fair continues with discussion about memories of Happy Eater restaurants, The Wuzzles, sexual disappointment and such and such.

We also discuss Mass Effect 3, as I continue my epic quest to earn ‘the missus’ a tasty and slightly suspect home-made nacho hat, while Bouncy has his hands full while satisfying a car.

Other games covered include Mortal Kombat X (iOS), Tapped Out, Forza Horizon 2, New Streetpass Fishing/Zombie Games, Streetpass VIP, A Secret Thing, Destiny, Topps Star Wars Trader and more! You lucky buggers.

News-wise we look at a few announcements and discuss our feelings.

Rounding up the show we have our Big Plate discussion – that has some amazing interactions from our Twitter followers, after we asked them what franchises they’d love to see again.

Finally, just to ruin Bouncy’s week, he has a tube of Pringles Nacho Chips.

They are weird.

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Until next time Podcast fans…


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