Episode 18: General Erection

In the week that Britain decides who to blame for the next five years’ worth of strife Rob and Bouncy sit down and talk about video games, comic books and printer ink.


Printer ink.

I mean whoever decided to make ‘black’ default to a mixture of colours when there is a cartridge full of it?

Bloody Cyan!

Games discussed include: Marvel Contest of Champions, Destiny, Topps Star Wars Trading Card Collector, Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition, Castlestorm Definitive Edition, Disney Infinity 3.0, Marvel Future Fight, Batman Arkham Knight, Rock Band 4 and many more!

We have a gentle reminder – and a not so gentle clue – for the Qwertee T-shirt competition. (The answer is Cresta)

We have talk about that app that makes Tweets come out of a mountain’s mouth… The ‘Rock Face’ perhaps?

[lone gunshot]

We apologise for that awful joke. The person responsible for it has been killed. He was ‘fired’!!

[two gunshots]

The person responsible for replacing the original blurb writer has now also been killed. That’s what you all voted for
that’s what we all have to endure now. This damned accursed govenme..

[sounds of a struggle]

There is nothing wrong here. The government is all-powerful and Utopian in nature. We have repurposed old Monty Python jokes and removed a lot of what made them funny. Like when the Tory party made *that* song their own and ruined it beyond reproach.




Pay your taxes.

Die Early, Leave Nothing.


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