Back In The Game Episode 19: “At Least I Have Chicken!”

This week’s episode decided to make both Bouncy and I explode with frustration on numerous occasions. Audacity just didn’t want to work with the audio, but it’s out now – apologies for the short delay. Lolocaust 1 Technology 0.

Another packed show, with talk of Sniper Eliter 3 Ultimate Edition, Dishonored Definitive, Destiny, The Firm, Mortal Kombat X and many, many more titles.

We also look at the reputation ‘gamers’ have and how this can
be skewed based on perspective. We also look at a new book from the world-renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo that analyses the effect of technology on males. Fascinating stuff that we will be coming back to when Bouncy finishes the book itself.

Finally we look at public executions in games, LEGO Dimensions add-ons and Dalek returns to talk about stuff.

Not to mention the fact that we are drawing our Qwertee competition too! Double winners to boot!

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