Back In The Game Episode 21: Paging Dr HamHock

Disclaimer from Mr B Bhall Esq:

This week’s show is out later than it should be. Sorry. I’ve had an awful week and to top it all I just found out that my Uncle has died and left me a mansion which some say is haunted. Now I have to spend a weekend there to finalise the transfer of the deeds, and I have to take a talking dog with me. As a result I don’t have the time to add the usual half-arsed level of polish so the edit is a little rough this week.

This may also explain why what is actually episode 20 has been labelled episode 21…but I digress!

This week we look at employment opportunities for Bouncy, including an exciting interview with a High Street Bank that goes REALLY well!!

We discuss the big DLC update for Destiny – House of Wolves – and find out why I have issues with weasels.

Bouncy has been playing a new point and click adventure game called Technobabylon and we discuss some of the latest gaming news.

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