Back In The Game Episode 21 (Proper): Sepp Blatter’s Step Ladder

So this episode is the actual episode 21, after a clerical error caused by excessive Wagon Wheel consumption (the jammy ones if you are interested) resulted in Bouncy getting over enthusiastic after a conversation with a listener who had enquired as to how many episodes we have released.

This week we’re recording in the back garden of my house. We did this for numerous reasons, but mostly because my partner wanted to cry in peace and quiet. Or something.

This week we discuss Fallout 4 and how excited we were for the new trailer/announcement and then we look at other gaming dystopias….? distopia…? dystopii..? Whatever.

Bouncy has been playing a classic card game that has finally been given the plot treatment we’ve all been crying out for.

I’ve been playing Destiny.


I’ve has also been putting Germany through the FIFA Cup on Football Boss. Or something equally confusing to Bouncy.

We discuss nature, dogs, FIFA and Godzilla before rounding out with some news and stuff.

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