What We Want To See At E3

The eyes of the gaming world will turn to Los Angeles next week, when the annual E3 gaming exhibition rolls in to town.

Traditionally one of the key events in the gaming calendar; E3 has seen a plethora of consoles unveiled, games teased and new technology displayed since its inaugural show in 1995 – with the 2015 event set to give some of gaming’s biggest hitters a chance to shine once again.

With Bethesda slated to host their first conference on Sunday (7pm PDT/3am GMT); I asked the Lolocaust community to share their ‘most wanted’ for this year’s show:


Fallout 4

Already listed as one of our Most Wanted for 2015; Bethesda made a mockery of my idea we wouldn’t see the game this year by blind signing us all with the official launch trailer last week – teasing a 2015 release in the process.

Taking the action to Boston, Massachusetts; Fallout 4 has Bouncy and I frothing at the mouth already, commanding a chunk of Episode 21 of Back In The Game as well as making long time listener Chris Beck (@WelshBeck) go all weak at the knees.

The Division

Another title Monsieur Beck and I have been keeping tabs on, along with the BITG’s much referenced Star Wars Card Collector addict PostmanGav, is Ubisoft’s The Division.

Tied in to the world of author Tom Clancy, The Division is set in a post pandemic New York where the highly trained operatives of the titular special ops group are charged with unravelling a conspiracy which has now brought mankind to its knees.

A five minute game play teaser was released at last year’s E3, but launch of the full game has now been pushed back to the first quarter of 2016.

Star Wars Battlefront

Cued for released during the money spinning ‘holiday season’, the rebirth of Star Wars Battlefront brings the popular shooter to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 just weeks before Episode VII hits cinema screens.

With the opportunity to play as Boba Fett and Darth Vader, as well as pilot the Millennium Falcon, Battlefront is already shaping up to be something of a fan boys dream given the power the new generation of consoles puts at EA’s fingertips.


ID’s iconic FPS is set for a reboot of its own, with a simple, 11 second teaser giving us the first glimpses of what Hell’s hordes have in store for us.


The Marmite of the gaming world, with the House of Wolves DLC’s arrival comes the end of Destiny’s ‘first cycle’ (for lack of a better term).

Both maligned and celebrated, Bungie has an opportunity to wow E3 again – as it did so many times whilst at the helm of the Halo franchise. Rumours of ‘Destiny 1.5’ coming in the form of the The Taken King expansion this autumn have intrigued active players and those perhaps seeking a way back in to this divisive title.

A stellar showing in LA might just persuade a few gamers that the title is worth a second look.

Halo 5: Guardians

An E3 staple; Halo has teased us year on year with its cryptic trailers and slick show reels.

The Hunt the Truth marketing campaign created further intrigue; and with an October 27th released, fans will be eager to see what the series next instalment has in store for Master Chief.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

A highly anticipated sequel to a rebooted title that will see separate studios working on the old and new gen versions – it’s almost the current gaming market place in a nut shell…

But Rise of the Tomb Raider looks set to build on the successful rebirth of Lara Croft, taking the iconic hero to colder climates for an outing which seeks to further re-engage with the series roots whilst also building on what made 2013’s re-imagining so compelling.

Mass Effect 4

Light years away from the celebrated trilogy that sold so well; Mass Effect 4 takes us to territories unknown, with a hero as yet unknown.

Will E3 give us a much desired peak behind the curtain?

The Last Guardian

After spending years in development limbo, BITG listener Vocifology ‏(@Vocifology) might finally get his wish and see a little more of Sony’s The Last Guardian.

Eurogamer and The Guardian seem to think we’ll see a long overdue re-appearance at E3 anyway – having last been touted in 2009!


Another game with a special place in Bouncy’s heart; XCOM’s 2012 outing proved a hit with desktop and console gamers.

The sequel may only be for the desktop types at this stage, but it is still a title frequently gracing ‘Most Wanted’ lists

No Man’s Sky and Volume

Hello Games’ Playstation 4 space exploration title is one of the most exciting prospects coming out of the UK gaming industry, helping Mike Bithel’s Volume wave the Union Jack in California next week.

Gears of War

When leaked footage of Gears of War Ultimate Edition found its way online last month, not only did it get one gamer royally chewed up (for ‘helping’ said footage find its way on to the net), but it gave fans of the series reason to get excited about the games future on Xbox One.

Whether Gears 2 and 3 get the ‘Ultimate’ treatment remains to be seen; but as a tee up for a fourth instalment, revisiting Marcus and Dom’s first outing on Sera presents an opportunity inflame old passions for the series as well as displaying the kind of ‘oomph’ the new generation of consoles might allow a game previously so intrinsically linked to its visuals to throw at us.

Mad Max

Mad Max

Fury Road reinvigorated the cult film franchise at the cinema. Taking its cues from the 1979 film, can the upcoming Mad Max game capture the same spirit of anarchy the big screen outings managed?

Whilst this isn’t a film tie in, a chequered history for movie related games automatically add an extra layer of scrutiny to any title even vaguely associated with a film – can Avalanche Studios open world action adventure buck the trend?

Something New

In a market dominated by sequels and reboots, a brand new IP would be welcomed by many.

While most new titles are normally teased well in advance, it’s not uncommon to see E3 used as a playground for developers to sneak up on us.



Will Bouncy’s endless love for Nintendo be rewarded via the NX? How about a new Starfox? Or will it all end in Reggie induced tears?

Nintendo have never been shy about doing things their way; and while Sony and Microsoft slug it out, the iconic Japanese developer has quietly gone about its business – turning out classic titles like Mario Kart, Zelda and Pokemon to keep the money rolling in.

While the Wii U has its charms, it felt like Nintendo fell in to its own niche during the console wars. Now, with talk of a team up with Android (either as part of the NX operating system or something more) and a wide array of rumours surrounding the NX, a serious sense of anticipation seems to be growing around Nintendo’s much talked about new console.

Can the past masters recapture the glory days?

Sadly it seems like a proper look at the NX will not come until next year – meaning Nintendo hold somewhat curious ground heading in to E3.

Will they look to give the Wii U one last hurrah? Or will we be in for a more muted approach this time around, with the NX shadow looming on the horizon.


If Bouncy could have one thing for Christmas, it’d probably be a bloody great big pork pie. As it is, some refinements to the PSNow service would do.

Sony has a horse it wants to back in the VR world (more on that below), but otherwise seems to be in a somewhat comfortable place heading in to E3 – too comfortable? Or perhaps too conservative? Either way, it seems like any major boost to the PlayStation 4 will come via the software this year.


A refined controller is on its way – including a 3.5mm socket – as is a 1TB console (in matte black no less); what else will Microsoft demo next week?

An Xbone slim? Changes to programs such as the Rewards scheme or Preview Program? Much like their rivals,  Microsoft’s major boon is likely to come via the software this year – with the Xbox One now settled and the 360 being slowly set adrift – unless they wheel something spectacular out, which brings us to…

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology

Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, HTC’s Vive and the Microsoft Hololens all promise much; but they need the games to help make the transition from cool tech to viable gaming hardware/peripheral.

Microsoft are brining the Hololens to E3, and have a YouTube Channel dedicated to their AR headset, can they wow the gaming world with a slick pitch or breathtaking demo?


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