E3 Springs a Leak, Again. No one is surprised.

So with E3 a few hours away we have already started to see that other annual event, the E3 leak-fest.

Thanks mostly to pre-loading on YouTube (a must if you want to reveal the trailer online as it is announced) and materials being sent to retailers to allow for instant pre-order opportunities it isn’t any great surprise that some of this information finds it’s way onto the web.

So what have we had ruined thus far? Hit the jump. CAUTION! E3 SPOILERS AHEAD!

So far we have already discovered that two new fighters are coming to Smash Bros on WiiU, Ryu (off of that Street Fighter game) and Roy (off of Record Breakers).

This is particularly exciting because there has never been a Street Fighter character in the Smash Bros series, despite the fact that other Capcom characters have featured.

1295877573200405651Perhaps even more exciting is the news that a new G1 Transformers game is on the way; Transformers Devastation. Now the only part of the leak that is not confirmed at this point is whether or not this is being developed by Platinum games. If it is, then I can relax a little as I would have loved another Transformers (non movie tie-in) game from High Moon given how great War for and Fall of Cybertron were. Platinum Games have a proven track record of amazing titles, so it looks like the match made in Heaven for sure. Original voice cast coming back, proper Grimlock, Cel-Shade style visuals.


Finally some audio was leaked by Bethesda themselves, accidentally via Twitch, which seemed to confirm that Dishonored 2 is definitely going to be announced later tonight. This was audio of a rehearsal that was accidentally picked up, and uploaded versions are being hastily taken down, thus confirming the authenticity it seems.

And that’s it for now. Which isn’t too bad by the usual E3 standards, but then we already have seen pre-announcements for Black Ops 3, Fallout 4 etc…

Join us over the rest of the week as we react to the news as it happens,


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