Back in the Game EP28: “Is Pixels Awful?” & Other Tales

This week we are back in Rob’s garden as I have pretty much living in a hole under a postbox now. (If you listen carefully you may hear the man who *definitely was not breaking into the house next door* while we recorded.

On this week’s show I discuss my experiences while enduring Adam Sandler’s Pixels movie, and then end up also discussing Fantastic Four. Two movies that have been critically mauled, so I couldn’t wait to jump on that particular bandwagon and pour venom from up high.

Moving on, Rob runs through the massive list of changes and updates coming to Destiny as The Taken King makes his presence shown, and we discuss whether these changes should be behind a paywall.

Angry Birds 2 came out recently so I run through the series, give a brief overview of what to expect from the first proper sequel and have a bit of a rant about people complaining about the wrong things.

I also discuss my experiences with Batman: Arkham Knight’s Batgirl-centric ‘A Matter of Family’ DLC which was released recently as well as my adoration of an indie game called Beyond Eyes.

Rob brings up the subject of Fallout 4 not having a level cap or ‘end’ game scenario, which sparks YET ANOTHER bout of Fallout love from us. We may as well start planning to rename this show Back in the Vault at this rate…

Rounding out the show we discuss the new Happy Meal Mario toys, EA’s new release plans and something called ‘GamesCom’, whatever that is…

(We kid, obviously. We run through a couple of standout titles, specifically Rise of the Tomb Raider, Crackdown 3 and We Happy Few).

So yeah, we should be recording back at my house next week, if the builders and fitters actually turn up.

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