BITG @ EGX 2015 – What to Expect

So yesterday Rob and I attended the inaugural day of EGX – the show formerly known as the Eurogamer Expo. It was a day of mixed results, interesting interviews and intriguing games, all of which conspired to make me feel dead rough. Now usually I would write up a full post about the ins and outs of a EGX roadtrip (and I still may) but Rob and I discussed the fact that some of the good games we want to talk about could be lost in the text. So, as a result we are going to write individual posts for each and every game played. This will include games I play at the weekend when visiting the show with the Mature Gamer Podcast folk.

We hope you enjoy the coverage, and we shall of course be putting out the regular podcast next week during which Rob and I will be choosing our ‘Best in Show’ games, feeding back on how we got on with out Top Ten ‘Must Sees’ and more!


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