Bouncy @ EGX 2015 – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

I knew that despite feeling quite strongly about it, that my EGX experience was always going to involve some of the AAA titles that I would buy regardless. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was among the handful of titles that I didn’t need persuasion on. I love the franchise, I love Victorian London and I love steam powered vehicles. Syndicate ticks all of the boxes, and I cannot wait to own it. So why did I queue to try it out at EGX when the show had more games than ever? Simply put the queue was a small one. So despite the fact that it was running on the PS4 – I have a few issues with the PS controllers – I sat down after a two minute wait (during which I started to chat to the couple in the line with me about cosplayers at the event) and pressed start on what was going to be a frustrating experience.


The demo put me in the role of Evie Fry tasked with taking out Lucy Thorne, who seems to be after a relic that is locked away in the Tower of London. Starting off on the Thames I approached the tower, heading for a vantage point. When reached it showed me my target, and some points of interest. These are opportunities that may well offer up a better approach to a target, or gain you some allies. Shown were an Allied Guard, the Queen’s keys and a Constable whom has been locked away by Templars. I opted to go for the Constable and using the new hookshot (a Victorian version of Batman Arkham’s Grapnel Gun) I was soon on top of the building in which he was being held. At this point I discovered how much more satisfying the combat was. The flow was always good, but now it felt all the better due to Evie’s cane. Brutal and satisfying. I got the key to the room, freed the Constable and he introduced me to some guardsmen whom accompanied me on foot to the enemies front door. We walked in, all casual like and kicked the living shit out of EVERYONE inside. It was a crimson wave of brutal, military might. I was steps away from my target, I smelled her blood in the air. Nothing between us but a door. As I moved in for the kill I pulled my first strike and…

“Your time’s up mate”

…as I prepared to lay down the final blow I smiled…

“Times Up!”

…I stopped smiling.

I got pissed.

I told the man he was a dick and walked off. Sulking.

What a cock end.

I mean he has been exhibiting this demo for four days at this point, he knew I was at the end and didn’t allow me the satisfaction that would have come with completion. I will still be buying the game, but this article will serve to balance out my feelings.

On a technical level the game is looking as good as ever – textures are always tested at game shows when you sit inches from a 50 inch screen – and the lighting/staging was sublime. I LOVE the hookshot, and it made traversing buildings a lot more interesting and it did make me feel like a cross between an Assassin and Batman, which is awesome.

Hell, even the start screen was awesome, all cogs and ticking elements. Just great.

In short any fan of the Assassin’s Creed series needs to get on Syndicate. As soon as possible.

If you want to grab yourself a copy, or maybe a copy for a loved one/local builder/charity shop donation you could grab it via our affiliate link here. Helps us out and you get a lovely Amazon delivery.


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