Bouncy @ EGX 2015 – HTC Vive Stand

If you watched my Twitter stream on the Thursday you may have seen this Tweet:

In short I was furious that HTC had such a great location, a queue system and a lot of promotion only to turn around and tell me that there was absolutely no way whatsoever that I could have a go. That you had to sign up in the morning, and that all the slots were gone.

I Tweeted directly at HTC who responded with:

Which directly contradicted what the staff manning the area had said, which was essentially ‘The slots are going already, you can come back another time.’

So more poking was done and it seemed that despite the official line, staff on the stage were still setting up for a queue. On the Saturday morning this Tweet from @Pingulaoty:


So I queried this, and it appeared that no slots were available, but with the queue layout in place no-one knew until they got to the front of the line. Was a ridiculous situation, but it got odder.

A friend of mine attended on the Saturday, rocked up to the stand and was told that he could have a slot that afternoon and was booked in. Over the weekend this happened again and again.

Now this means one of two things:

  1. The stand holders realised it was unreasonable to turn people away when, somewhat inevitably, folk who booked in advance via a sweepstake didn’t show up
  2. HTC needed better PR.

Either way the decision came AFTER HTC confirmed the lack of slots on Twitter:

So it could just have been miscommunication in that *some* slots were offered by the draw, yet the first Tweet suggested otherwise.

So all in all a very frustrating and annoying experience made worse by the fact that the ‘unofficial’ units being used at the NVIDIA, Crystal Rift and Elite Dangerous stands were able to be booked/queued for.

So, yeah. Not impressed. I got to have a go on the Vive later on the Thursday, but the lack of positivity surrounding the official HTC Vive stand was my first big disappointment of the show. Why it wasn’t in a corner with no queue rope is a mystery to me. I get that demand would be high, but to highlight it’s presence so heavily, to offer a ‘queue’ and to then send mixed messages is very odd indeed considering other stands managed to present the experience fairly easily.



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