Rob @ EGX 2015 – Unbox

If I told you a game about self delivering boxes was one of the highlights of this year’s EGX, you’d understandably look at me with a mixture of apprehension and sympathy for my apparently failing faculties.

But in Unbox we find a rare gem which combines the ridiculously simple with the utterly compelling. The expression ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’ has never been more apt.

Putting you directly in control of the next big thing in home delivery, Unbox draws on elements from the platform, puzzle, racing and action genres to create a game that offers a range of environments to explore – from snow covered islands to oil rigs – challenges to undertake and collectibles to unlock.

That I spent almost 30 minutes trying to make my box reach the top of a tower simply to collect a baseball cap perfectly encapsulates the beautiful simplicity of Unbox, as well as the way it can so easily get under your skin.

Prospect Games have tapped in to so many gaming hooks it makes Unbox almost addictive – the sort of things you’d probably deny ever being suckered in by, only to find yourself determined to ‘make that jump’, find that item or unlock that hat.

Yes, unlockable hats and outfits are a thing. Yes, you can dress up your box.


If the single player sounds bat shit crazy, the addition of multiplayer ramps things up an extra notch as rockets fly across four way split screen – whether online multiplayer follows remains to be seen, but it’s hard to fault the idea of wanting to resurrect the days of four players sharing one TV.

Words cannot truly do Unbox justice – it is a game that needs to be played. The presence of so many different elements mean there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether they be seeking a laid back roll around a tropical island or a brain testing puzzle to conquer.

Unbox is currently part of the Steam Greenlight program – one can only hope it garners the support it truly deserves. Rarely has one game grabbed me so utterly and completely. Rarely have I so wanted something to take off and do well as I want to see Unbox roll in to people’s lives.

Fingers crossed Prospect Games get the support they need.

If Unbox is something you like the sound of, you can visit the Unbox Steam Greenlight page and give them a good old fashioned thumbs up.


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