Rob @ EGX 2015 – Knee Deep

With Telltale Games churning out story-driven games to, mostly, critical acclaim (game engine flaws aside), it’s a wonder more studios haven’t sought to follow a similar path – pulling people in via a well told story and deeper characterisation.

Prologue Games have decided to head down this path though, currently preparing for the release of Act 2 of their three part ‘swamp noir adventure’ Knee Deep.

There is some promise here, but the demonstration at EGX may not have been the best way to hook people in, allowing players to jump right in to the second Act without filling in enough of the back story laid out during Act 1.

There’s been an death, possibly a murder, and the town of Cypress Knee is cut off; though I am not entirely sure why. And whilst weaving between three characters – Romana Teague, Jack Bellet and K.C. Gaddis – is a nice way of unravelling the story, who they are and what their link to this mystery is becomes a mystery in itself, having missed out on the opening chapter of the trilogy.

Whilst I was able to gather some information about the characters and the jist of what was going on, in a story driven game, certain details are key; and there were too many details missing to truly enjoy Knee Deep at EGX.

That said, it does offer some neat ideas. The ability to converse in a certain style (giving a sarcastic answer to a question for example) is always a good way to ensure an element of personalisation to each players experience, while Cypress Knee came across as suitably bizarre setting – creating a layer of intrigue in itself via the good old fashioned ‘all is not as it seems’ locale.

Is it for everyone? No. Such is the nature of these games though. But for those seeking a quirky story driven point and click adventure, with some dark undertones, Knee Deep may be worth a look – especially for the not unreasonable price of £6.99 for the season pass.

Knee Deep is available on Windows, OSX and Linux via Steam


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