Rob @ EGX 2015 – Total War: Warhammer

Offering monsters, magic and thousands of troops at your command in epic real time battles, the latest instalment of the popular Total War series is scheduled for release early next year, unleashing the full power of the Warhammer universe on gamers everywhere.

With fans of both franchises salivating at the thought of taking command of vast armies, We Are The Lolocaust got hands on with the world’s first playable demo of Total War: Warhammer at EGX.

From the get go the scale of the game becomes clear, with the tutorial doing its best to introduce players to the various units available at the click of a mouse. Whilst you can jump in pretty quickly, there is much to learn and the time investment is worthwhile.

Learning who to deploy, where and when will become critical to success. Knowing your armies strengths and weaknesses will become vital to making the quick decisions the ebb and flow of battle demands. Even in the vast Dwarven tunnel of the demo, I quickly found units in situations I, in my ignorance, was confident they could handle only to see them roundly beaten whilst enemy reinforcements came at me from the side and rear.

This use of reinforcements, for both sides, adds a great sense of unpredictability to proceedings – with my own air support showing up in the nick of time from what surely would have been a crushing defeat, turning the tide in the process.

But even in victory, the game ensured I knew my place – my losses triggering questions over whether it was really a victory at all. A neat touch to make the post battle debrief feel that little bit more meaningful and not just another screen of stats and numbers.

With four different races, pitched battles, sieges and turn-based sandbox elements that test your political mettle, building an empire in Total War: Warhammer looks set to be a truly epic affair.

The scale of the demo environment felt huge, even for a straight one-on-one, army-vs-army show down, and if it’s an indication of things to come, with two more standalone instalments and additional content also planned, then Creative Assembly is creating something special in the real time strategy genre.


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