Bouncy @ EGX 2015 – Just Cause 3

As you may have guessed from my last article (in which I criticised Homefront: The Revolution for not being fun) I have no issue with bringing down corrupt governments just as long as I have fun doing it.

The Just Cause series was a breath of fresh air in a world of sandbox games devoted to criminal activities for personal gain, cast as Rico Rodriguez and tasked with taking down corrupt dictators in tropical climes the series is brilliant in its use of vehicles, grapple hooks, combat, explosives, space, sea, collectibles and pretty much EVERY DAMN THING!

Just Cause 3 then can’t fail? Surely?

Well, this video will do more than my words will ever manage.

So yeah. That was what was available to do.

Game is so fun I considered simply staying in this line all day, going round and around to just cause manic destruction.

In short this is the most fun I’ve ever had with my trousers on.

I have two niggles with the EGX presentation though (not game related).

  1. The stand was sponsored by Tornado Energy Drinks. This was probably necessary financially, but it undermined the effectiveness of the ‘sell’.
  2. The stand staff were a little too ‘let’s use swear words and stuff, because it’ll make our game seem cooler’. Wasn’t necessary AT ALL.

But yeah, game was amazing fun. I’ve put in my order. You should too.


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