Back In The Game EP34: My Heart It Beats Like A Drum

With all necessary equipment in all the right places, Bouncy and Rob fly out of the gates to record a brand new Back In The Game podcast.

The pair discuss Fallout 4 in some basic level (No Spoilers are Uttered) and find out why Bouncy only racked up three hours in the first week.

Rob and his partner attempt to disarm a bomb, with somewhat predictable outcomes, with ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ – the greatest Co-Op experience since that time Bouncy bought a baguette for 9p.

The pair also look at Wonderland Dizzy, Guitar Hero Live, Quantic Dream’s Kara follow-up: Detroit – Become Human and discuss Bouncy’s current foray in to Match 3 Puzzlers, including the GREAT Spooky Bonus and the AWFUL Frozen Freefall Snowball Fight.

Finally we have a copy of Football Manager 2016 to give away courtesy of our friends at SEGA – simply listen to the show and answer the question that Rob sets.

Lastly an apology for Bouncy’s lack of memory and rambling. He is on some weird medication – finally – and it is affecting his recall. It is brilliant however if you ask him where he put his keys.

Listen now on Spreaker or subscribe on iTunes. You can also find us on Stitcher and YouTube!

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