Your Mum Stinks of WeE3

E3 is just around the corner – if time has corners – and we at the Lolocaust Flat are as excited as ever for the conferences hosted by people with expensive suits and vapid personalities. We are barely able to contain ourselves with the prospect of fourteen minutes of Call of Duty gameplay footage with EXCLUSIVE content timing on some system. But most of all we can’t wait for EVERY website on the WEB being FULL of identikit ARTICLES with weird use of UPPERcase to EMPHASISE things we ALL KNOW!

We promise to abandon the usual ‘reviewing E3’ tropes and instead will concentrate on the issues that matter to YOU the discerning Lolocaust reader, namely:

  • Which game has the best beard in it?
  • What game comes out closest to Bouncy’s birthday?
  • Who will be the first person to say ‘Fuck’ on stage without being ironic?
  • Will Jim Sterling die in his sleep?
  • How many people will care about 4k resolution?

And lots, lots more.

As far as we are concerned E3 hasn’t been relevant for years – we blogged about that previously – but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be using it as a springboard for some articles and podcrafts.

So join us over the E3 period for lots of fun and stuff. You Mum is welcome. She knows where we live.


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