EGX 2016: WATL – The Grand Tour

A few months ago I discussed with Rob as to his availability to go to EGX 2016 together. Sadly as he – some may say selfishly – got married this year, he doesn’t have any holiday time left. As a result I looked at trains to Birmingham and considered hiring a local to act as guide, but then I remembered that before Hamhock learned to talk proper he was from that area.

So, I asked him.

He was on a boat so couldn’t really reply.


Then he was on holiday, going ‘natural’.

Then he got back.

Then he asked permission from the soon to be Mrs Hamhock (Currently Miss Biltong).

She said yes, like the Man from Del Monte (unsurprisingly as she is a legend).

So we started planning a trip on the Thursday.

In a few days we will be together in a car for about 290 miles.


What will we be getting up to? In short we will be there to look at games but also to sneer at people and stuff while fighting people to play Yooka-Laylee.

If you are going to be there, let us know here or on Twitter @WeRTheLolocaust




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