Preparing for The Grand Tour (Not That One)

Today I spent twenty-three minutes with some gaffer tape and a marker pen trying to make that image up there. I wanted to make sure people didn’t mix up The Grand Tour with The Grand Tour by having an image that is exactly the same but also different.

So that clears that up.

The Grand Tour (Not That One) kicks off on Wednesday evening when mad old Dr Ham C Hock drops into Wisbech and spends an evening with me planning stuff and moaning about the younglings on the Internets.

Beyond that we will be trekking over to Birmingham to EGX 2016 and we will be endeavouring to make sure we don’t get too enthusiastic while using our enthusiast press passes.

Should we give out hugs or handshakes?

Should we record some podcast material in the car?

Will we meet up with any reader/listener/stalker types?

Will Bouncy carry on his unbroken run of service station meals?

Will the press area have free water again?

All these questions and more will be answered following The Grand Tour (Not That One).


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