A Lovely Game To Play On The Way Into EGX 2016: ‘Chafe or Strafe?’


We all need a little diversion from the fact that we’ve spent countless hours in a vehicle trying to get to EGX 2016. As you make your way across the car parks you can play a little game that Dr Hamhock and I played today, Chafe or Strafe?

The rules are quite simple. Located at EGX this weekend are two main shows in close proximity.

One is EGX (obviously) and the other is a Cycle Show.


The game is as follows:

  1. Spot a person walking towards the convention halls
  2. Decide if they are EGX or Cycle Show bound
  3. Declare ‘Chafe’ for Cycles or ‘Strafe’ for gaming
  4. Get to this sign and find out if you are correct

Points are deducted from those pointing out cos-players or people on bikes.



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