EGX2016: SNAKE PASS (Sumo Digital)


At EGX2016 our crack team of snake pun videogame experts spent 30 minutes with developers SUMO Digital to discuss their pre-alpha game “Snake Pass”, a “colourful 3D action adventure game” where you play the role of a snake dressed up as a character from Banjo-Kazooie, in a jungle environment borrowed from Viva Piñata.

Once the, very-polished, demo had finished, we took a moment to talk to Sumo Digital’s public relations manager about plans for the game, what he thought of our snake-based puns and how long he could keep humouring us for without losing the will to live on only the first morning of the first day of a four-day expo.

Here’s a run down of some of the fine work we put passed through his dead-eyes for five whole minutes (time included waiting while we thought of good puns):

  • Pun-ble in the Jungle (Rumble in the Jungle)
  • Pun-Bel in the Bungle??!! (Also Rumble in the Jungle)
  • Can I “Asp” you a question?
  • It’s “Rare” to see such a game character. (Rare the company)
  • You’re such a Boa! (bore)
  • After the expo will you be getting legless? (drunk / snakes do not have legs – although the joke was certainly on us when we discovered there WAS a snake with stunted legs alive during the Cretaceous period called Tetrapodophis)
  • Are you taking the hiss? (piss)
  • You like birds? Coz you got a humming bird and a condor (anaconda)
  • Cobra you didn’t? (oh no you didn’t)
  • Snake in the grass? More like snake in the arse (explanation is in the pun)
  • Kill me please (not a pun, an instruction)

[That’s enough now – ed]

SNAKE PASS DEMO – A Solid 8/10



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