Still Not Dead(!?!)

So as I discussed briefly on this weeks podcast I have not been very well, at all. It didn’t exactly come on suddenly – a period of time not looking after myself physically or mentally certainly didn’t help – but the fear I felt after losing time and waking up covered in blood was too much to ignore. I still don’t know what the root cause is but it seems to be related to my heart as my heart rate has been all over the place of late sometimes tripling with no stimulus whatsoever.

In short I’m on the back foot and those better qualified than I are telling me I should slow down, that I should take time off and rest. But I don’t like too much free time, I thrive on organisation and work – which being stress in itself – is an important part of my life.

What it does mean is that I aim to have a couple of ‘rest’ days a week where I can record something or write something down. I aim to play more games (tabletop and console) to give my mind a well-needed break from the norm and then in turn I can write about these too.

So hopefully see you soon. For now I’m opening my notebook with ‘New Lolocaust Series’ written on it… Hmmmm…. Still Not Famous(!?!)


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