E3 Musings: Microsoft and the Xbox One X

The obvious ‘big reveal’ of this year’s E3 was always going to be the console that – until last night – was known by the development name, Project Scorpio. Now, however, it has a final name, behold the Xbox One X.

It’s the most powerful console ever made and has a nifty liquid cooling and power management system that is all crammed into the smallest Xbox ever. This sort of tech comes at a cost though, $499 (about £450 in UK money, not necessarily taking into account VAT). Many have complained about this cost, but I think that when you consider that this is not a new console generation, and instead is aimed at the high end consumer – a consumer that would likely pay for Elite controllers and £300 headsets – it seems reasonable to have a price point that reflects the tech.

Also, let us not forget that it doesn’t replace the Xbox One/Xbox One S, it merely offers a more visually arresting and speedy version of existing games – at this point. The differences are notable in comparison with the PS4 pro and I am on the fence for the moment as to whether or not I will jump on it at launch.



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